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Emergency Fan Repair

It always happens; it's a Friday or Saturday just before dinner service starts, your completely booked with reservations and your exhaust hood stops working.  Without a working exhaust system you can't cook for all those guests waiting to try your fantastic food.

You could try opening anyway but these three things could happen:

​      You "smoke out" your guests in the dining room.

​      Your cook passes out from all the excess heat.

​      The heat buildup sets off the fire supression system in the hood, closing the restaurant for at least the rest of                   tonight's service and bringing you a BIG bill to have the system recharged.

Oregon Hood Cleaning offers emergency exhaust fan repair from Eugene to Vancouver including:

Belt Replacement
Pulley Adjustments

Replace Motor

Complete New Exhaust Fan
Grease Containment Devices

Noise / Vibration Elimination

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